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October 19, 2016 by morningcamequickly


If you are a fellow music teacher, you know it’s the time of year where December concert season looks far away, but right around the corner. Do you know that feeling? It’s also a time, where I can get into a rut and I need some inspiration. So, I have to share with you a movie I just watched with my family. It was McFarland, USA. Have you seen it? Well, you should.

The movie has absolutely nothing to do with music! Gasp all you want, it is terrific. Based on a teacher who ends up teaching in a poor, Latino town as the assistant football coach, he ends up recognizing the running talent in his students. Fired from football, he becomes a first time cross country coach. He learns how to coach his students, but also the importance of being a part of the community. His team ends up winning that year and in the credits it tells how they continued to win. The movie also shows the real life men who were on his original team. There are teachers, policemen, coaches, and even one who went to jail but is now living in McFarland getting things together. It’s a great story for teachers of all subject areas.

It reminds us that we need to know our students. If you know and care about their story, outside of the class, you can see what is important to them and channel that into their learning. It reminds us that students will disappoint us – they will quit, they will not show up, they will let us down. Flip that table. We, as teachers, will disappoint our students – we will quit on them, not show up, and let them down. It’s life, it happens. This movie is a good reminder to get you going if you are feeling bogged down.

Yes, you do make a difference. Honestly, you won’t reach every child, but you will impact them in some way. The way you respond to them, listen to them, or encourage them is remembered. I know my own kids talk about their teachers and things they did at school with my husband and me. So, I imagine my students go home and talk about me and my class at some point. Yes, you are dinner table conversation! So, be ready to do your best every day!

Make a stop at the library and grab McFarland, USA (or another favorite inspirational movie), pop some popcorn and drinks, and cuddle up and watch this movie. You won’t be disappointed!

If you feel like you are in a rut, check out these to bring some variety to your class. Have a great week teaching!

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