The School Year is Over – Celebrate!

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June 20, 2016 by morningcamequickly

CelebrateWhew! Did you make it through the last squirrely days of school? It’s time to celebrate, right? Wait. I’m not just talking about the kind of celebration you see floating around Facebook and Pinterest. You know, the memes with the big glass of wine or teachers dancing in the hallways.

No, I’m talking about celebrating what you and your students have achieved this year. What goals were met? What unexpected joys happened? What made this school year special? I know some years are rough. I’ve been there, when I was happy to see a class for the last time because they were so much work and I was at the end of tricks up my sleeve for them. But how about taking a few minutes before you kick off your work shoes and take a moment to celebrate your teaching.

Some of the things I want to celebrate include:

  • My choir getting a superior performance at a festival. You can read about how kids know they nailed a song here.
  • Have you ever put on a musical? Then you know that is a big job. If you are getting ready for your first one, then check out these 65 tips.
  • I also got some great emails from parents that were very encouraging.
  • Even better, were some notes from students who said how much they enjoyed choir or singing a certain song.
  • I never lost my voice!

You see, if you take a few minutes to look at your successes as a teacher, it helps to dim the cumbersome things like lesson planning, faculty meetings, or whatever other chore is at the top of your work list. Maybe you realize your failures more easily. An end of the year celebration can spur you on to set new goals and be open for the unexpected excitement over something new for the kiddos. Celebrating helps to keep things in perspective and renew your passion for teaching.

Go ahead and have a drink if you want, dance away, or get away – teaching is hard work. Congratulations on the success in your classroom. Now, enjoy summer, you know it is going to fly by!


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