65 Tips to Survive Putting on a Musical

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April 4, 2016 by morningcamequickly

65 TipsAfter teaching elementary school for about 13 years or so, I got myself a job teaching middle and high school. It was time for a change and my new school is great. One of the perks is I get to put together the school musical. What a job! If you have ever done this, you know it is no small task. So, this past musical season I did a series called “A Musical Journey: From Selection to Showtime” and each post has 5 helpful tips. These tips can help you organize the whole process and hopefully give you some new ideas about how to run your show. So, here, all in one place, are the links to 65 tips from the whole series. Enjoy and feel free to share any helpful tips you have gathered over the years!

Part 1: Selecting a Musical

Part 2: Getting the Word Out About This Year’s Musical

Part 3: Organizing a Musical Team

Part 4: Effective Parent Musical Meeting

Part 5: Musical Audition Prep

Part 6: Audition Day

Part 7: Making the Decision of Who to Cast

Part 8: The ACT Program, Developing Future Talent

Part 9: A Great Musical Kickoff

Part 10: Advertising for Your Musical

Part 11: Make it Through the Last Days Before the Musical

Part 12: Celebrate Your Show

Part 13: Wrap Up the Musical Season


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