5 Tips to Celebrate Your Show


March 19, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Part 12Whew! You made it through the entire run of your show. How are you going to celebrate? Here are 5 things you’re going to want to make sure you do.

1. Have a cast party. I know you’re tired, but hopefully you have a fairly fresh parent on your team of leaders who can oversee this. All you need is food and excited kids. At our cast party, I put up a slideshow of pictures from rehearsals and the show that the students hadn’t seen before which they loved to see. There was also a ton of food. And, I gave out awards to each cast member and team leader to help them remember their time with the show. These aren’t serious awards, but more fun things you pick up as you go through the season.

2. Thank the kids. Be sure to thank the kids for being a part of the show. Let them know they did well. Tell them about comments that people told you. This builds up their confidence, validates their participation, and gets them excited for next year.

3. Thank your parents. You wouldn’t have a show if you didn’t have parents. You probably spent more time with their kids the last few weeks than they did. Tell them you appreciate their help and support. Chances are they know you do, but don’t you like to hear it too?

4. Reflect. While everything is still fresh in your mind, look at what you accomplished. Remind yourself of how far the students have come from not knowing anything to being up on stage in character. You worked hard, so take some notes which will make it easier next year.

5. Personal celebration. Go ahead and take your family or friends out to dinner or plan a fun day. You have worked hard. You needed family and friends to help you through musical season personally. I’m sure most of your conversation revolved around it and you wonder what you will talk about now! Ha ha!

There is nothing wrong with celebrating a successful show. People sitting in the audience see a final product and many don’t realize all it takes to prepare for the show. They don’t know that the backstage monitor stopped working, or the spotlight bulb died right after the show started, or whatever else sort of stuff happens. They enjoyed a show. And you, my friend, worked hard to help them have a great time out. Good job!


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