5 Tips to Make it Through the Musical


February 29, 2016 by morningcamequickly

# 11 Journey Through a Musical_from Selection to ShowtimeIt’s less than two weeks until opening night and if you aren’t waking up with songs from the musical and making mental lists of “do not forget” items in your sleep, then you just aren’t really one with your musical. Just kidding. The last couple of weeks before the show can be stressful. Here are 5 tips to help you make it through.

  1. Communicate with yourself. That’s right. Send yourself emails, make lists, and get things in your calendar of when stuff needs to be done. I normally don’t make lists, but between the musical and teaching classes, this time of year, it just helps to keep things straight. And, there is such satisfaction in crossing something off the list!
  2. Be in contact with your team members. Keep an open line of communication between you and your leaders. Work together to make sure everything is covered, from tickets to make up, all the details are important.
  3. Have a plan for the students. In each of these final practices, know what you want and need to accomplish. Use the kids’ time wisely to work on weak spots. Start run throughs, if you haven’t already, use the sets, and get kids out of sight backstage so they get used to not being seen in the wings.
  4. Food. Have snacks, meals, and drinks planned out for before shows, in between shows, and during practices. Kids work hard and get hungry. Feed them. They will love this.
  5. Get sleep. There is only so much you can do or worry about in one day. At some point you need to just stop and take care of yourself. So, get some sleep, read a book, watch a senseless show, and just veg out at some point. You aren’t any good to anyone if you are wound tight and ready to burst.

Finding the balance of hard work and down time the last couple of weeks is hard to do. If you take the time to do it though, everyone wins. You aren’t as stressed out and that stops the trickle down effect into everything else you do and everyone else you come in contact with. Hang in there!

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