5 Tips for Advertising for Your Musical


February 3, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Part 10The show is getting close and it is time to start thinking about advertising. How are people going to hear about your show? After all, the students have worked hard and it costs a lot of money to put on a show. You at least want to try to break even and depending on the size of your school and community, that can be tough.

So, here are 5 tips for advertising for your show so your students get to perform for full audiences.

  1. Make getting tickets easy. If people have to jump through hoops to get tickets, they might as well stay home. Last year we used an online ticketing program and it was super easy. Most everyone buys tickets and items online, so it was easy to direct them to our school’s homepage and click a link there. If they didn’t want to do this, they could buy them at the door.
  2. Posters still work. I think that posters in public places still work. People see them around town and want to go. This is especially true for people who don’t have kids going to the school but like shows or supporting the community. It might not be on their radar until they see that poster.
  3. Social media. Go ahead, take the plunge and do a Facebook ad. This modern version of #2, the poster, works the same way. All your kids are plugged in this way. Give them something to share!
  4. Word of mouth. Your best advertisement is in your cast. Kids love to talk and they know all sorts of people you don’t. Encourage them to invite everyone they know. A personal invitation goes a long way in getting people to the show.
  5. Try something new. This year we are having a Sneak Peek for local pre-k classes. We are inviting local classes to see the first act of our show for free. Groups will be able to see the show and then the characters are going to go around afterwards for pictures and to serve a small snack and juice box to them. We are also sending them home with a BOGO free ticket offer. I’m just dreaming of little ones going home to tell their parents about the show and who can resist a BOGO coupon?

It can be tricky to get the word out. Of course it seems all musicals are the same weekend and  in the same month. But your school’s show is just as important as the next so treat it that way.

I’ll let you know how the pre-k Sneak Peek goes, as this is the first year we are doing it. My goal is to increase nightly sales by 25 people. I have to be reasonable as we are a small school, but just that little bit will help fill up the auditorium and give the students the audience they deserve!

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Advertising for Your Musical

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