“Old Music” Game

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January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Old-Music-Cover-JPEGWho has their poker face ready for a game? Similar to Old Maid, it takes some luck. You know the one, where if you get the maid you lose. In this case, it’s the Music card that will cause you to lose. Of course, I suppose you could say the person who has the Music card wins. Well, you know your class atmosphere the best, so you decide!

This game works because music basically is made up of the same things in each piece. Symbols include notes, rests, things you see on a page of music, and basic expressive elements. How often does a student say they don’t know what the real name of the symbol is? This is just another way for students to become familiar with music notation in a fun way.

There are two versions available. The matching version is just finding pairs of the symbol. The symbol and name version is more challenging as the pair will include the symbol one card and the written name on the other card. Direction sheets are included to print to a baggie or envelope for safe keeping of cards.

So, I suggest if you have the winter blahs and kids are antsy or the end of the year giggles, you need this game. Brains that are challenged and become more familiar with the music language will actually make your job easier! Give it a try. You can download it here.

P.S. Another fun game is I Declare Music…talk about battling it out!


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