Music Career Jump Project

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January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Music-Career-Jump-Project-Cover-JPEGHas anyone out there actually done a speed dating event? How was it? Want to share your experience? I’ve seen them advertised and in movies, usually with a comical twist, but have never actually done one. (I’m happily married.) I do like how it cuts to the chase.

And so I present to you a Music Career Jump Project! This project is like speed dating for a career in music! Students will research about a career in the music industry and share their findings in a Career Jump Activity. There are so many different music careers out there besides singer and drummer. Although, my little girl says she wants to play the microphone when she grows up!

Included are lesson suggestions and the worksheets to complete. The worksheets are two packed pages front and back that students will fill in as they discover a new career using websites (suggestion included). This project discourages plagiarism and encourages students to answer IYOW (In Your Own Words), making it easier for you to know students are doing their own work and thinking about what they write. Get your IYOW poster here.

Once students have gathered all their information, they narrow their job down into a 30 second sound bite that should entice others to want to do this career. The jump part comes as they share what they found with the rest of the class. Be sure to let students share at the end their favorite and least favorite career that they heard about. This is a great twist to what could be a mundane report! Check it out. You can download it here.


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