I Declare Music I, II, & III

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January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

I-Declare-Music-I-Cover-JPEGI Declare Music I, II, & III are great resources for saying the same thing another way. Played like I Declare War, students need to deal out cards and then figure out how much the notes on the card add up to. Whoever has the highest value, gets all the cards. There are even some MUSIC cards which act as jokers.

This can be a high stakes game to review, use up those extra 10 minutes that happens every once in a while, or for a sub. Once you go through the directions  and do a mock couple of rounds with them, students catch on easily. I’ve included direction sheets on full sheets, half sheets, and in thirds so you can easily put each game set into a baggie or envelope that suits you. Then, when someone raises their hand (or hollers across the room), “What’s a half note plus a quarter note equal?” You can just walk over and tap that envelope with the key on it. Yes, this game is also good if you have laryngitis :-)

Your students will love the challenge! Check out the different versions, as they range from easy with one note, to having to add multiple notes. Oooo, don’t you hope the administration walks in and hears math going on in your room?! You can download these games here.


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