Descending Bell Melody: Falling Leaves

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January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Falling-Leaves-cover-JPEG-234x300If you prefer to wait on instruments or just don’t think your kids have the coordination yet, by all means, wait until it snows! Or have hearts falling. It doesn’t really matter, the song still works the same way!

I usually introduce the song in one class and practice the bell part on the paper bells which are also included. I will show the students the bells and how it works. Their eyes get all big and you tell them next class you’ll do it and they will come in ready to go. The next class we do a quick review and then pull out those bells. Later in the year you can bring this out as a station for centers. Students will easily remember this and leaders will help those who don’t.

I’ve included paper bells you can copy for the students to practice on as they wait their turn to play and some leaves you can cut out for dramatic effect of falling leaves. However, we both know K/1 friends can be dramatic on their own! You can download Falling Leaves here at Teacher’s Pay Teachers .


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