Commercials and Music Project

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January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Commercials-and-Music-Cover-JPEGIf you have students who complain about music being boring because you never do any “fun” or “modern” projects, this Commercials and Music Project is the solution for you!

This project involves groups of students selecting a commercial from YouTube and using musical elements to support their opinion about why or how the music impacts what they see. Then, take it a step farther and they need to select music to go with the same commercial and create a listening sheet for their peers based on the musical elements and then present to the class. When I did this part, I pulled about 50 cds from my shelf and randomly put them in piles and gave them to each group. That way, I knew they were clean, a variety, and had a cd player that worked. If you trust your kids and have the tech set up, let them use their ipods/phones to select music.

This project will help students listen for basic music elements like tempo, dynamics, tone color, and mood. Lesson suggestions, student worksheet with rubric, and sample listening sheet are included. This isn’t just a fill in the worksheet assignment, it actually can generate real discussion about actual musical elements. At one point, I almost fell over when a kid used a musical term correctly. These are the things we live for! Success!

Students will become more in in tune with the music happening in what they watch. When I first did this project, it was right after the Super Bowl and several groups picked those commercials. Smiling and laughing are encouraged during this project. Enjoy! You can download it here.

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