5 Tips for Musical Audition Prep


January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Part 5

Auditions are a love hate relationship. They are an end to the beginning of a journey and you must prepare wisely. You have the perfect musical selected for your students, you have told the entire school about the show, you have an awesome team in place, and the parents have some idea of what to expect. So now, the sweat producing undertaking of preparing for auditions. Here are 5 tips so you can raise your arms in class, for sure! (How old an ad is that reference, yikes!?!)

  1. Remember you are dealing with students. Students aged 8-18 are putting themselves out there by auditioning for your show. They are working up courage they are not even sure they have. Answer their questions (yes, even the same ones 50 times) and reassure them and calm their fears.
  2. Prepare to be their biggest cheerleader. Read #1 again. It is your job to create an environment where students can feel successful and not knocked down.
  3. Give students the tools they need to succeed at the audition. I know it’s bad for trees, but staple together a packet of all the information they need for the audition. This includes audition forms, bio forms, read through scripts, and whatever else you may need them to do. If you can, put it online and email it to them too. You don’t want anyone saying, “Oh, I didn’t know I needed that…”.
  4. Mentally prepare yourself. Auditions are stressful, not only for students, but also for you. Try to get a good nights sleep, put something in the crock pot for when you get home, or play soothing music all day. Seriously, this is not the day to have a confrontation with everyone. Lay low!
  5. Secure any spaces and materials you need ahead of time. Make sure you have reserved any locations you need for auditions. Have all of your supplies together, in a box or on a cart, it really doesn’t matter, but you want to be ready when audition day comes.

Auditions for me have always been kind of nerve racking. Not the singing part, but everything else. The dancing and the reading need time. So, in an effort to get students as prepared as possible, I set up the auditions differently. Students had scenes from scripts, a song from the musical to learn based on who they wanted to audition for, and even a choreography clip to learn.

This process would put the students in charge of their audition. The more they prepared, the more they would be ready to tackle the audition with confidence. I can’t wait to tell you how it went!


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