5 Tips for Getting the Word Out About This Year’s Musical


January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Musical Part 2

So, you have selected the best musical for your students. You are excited about the potential for the show in its final performance, but how do you get students excited about being a part of the musical? Here are 5 tips and my personal experience that can help you get the most students interested in the musical.

  1. Tell all your classes about the musical. This might seem obvious, but often times the obvious is overlooked. Don’t just assume because they are in choir that they will audition. You need to give them the inside track, the early heads up to audition information, parent meetings, and other details. Why? Read tip 2.
  2. Tell your students you need their help. You need their help to get the word out. Your students are the best advertisement for the musical. If they have been in one before, they know the fun, camaraderie, hard work, and thrill of the stage. You need them to share that with the rest of the school. Let’s face it. They are cooler than you and other students are bound to listen to their peers invite more than yours.
  3. Food. Do I really need to say more? Have an information meeting that includes food. Chips, dips, desserts, or any sort of treat. Give out personal invitations to your students and tell them to bring a friend who hasn’t been in the musical before with them.
  4. Build relationships. Every year, almost every teacher has some sort of lunch/hall/door/study hall duty that requires them to see students who aren’t typically in their classes. Be nice to these students. Give a smile, help them with a homework question, and be firm as needed. They will remember you!
  5. Target students who you think have the look or potential for parts. It never hurts to mention to a student (casually) that you think they ought to try out for the musical. Pick something from the upcoming musical that is special that you think might pique their interest and mention it to them. Do this several times over many weeks before auditions. It plants the seed and allows them to know that you think their being a part of the show is important.

If you follow these 5 tips for getting the word out, you will most likely end up with several students trying out who aren’t on your radar and who knows the talent they will bring!

I use these tips myself. While I teach at a smaller school, the students advertising for the musical is the best thing. That, and when I give invitations to a lunch meeting with the words “homemade desserts” on it, the crowds come. (Try these copycat lofthouse cookies!) I know a lot only came for the desserts, but I have gotten several students who haven’t been in a show before try out. Last year, one boy said, “You had me at meatball sub”!

If you put a sign up outside your door, keep your eye on it to see if there is anyone new on the list. Then search out those students and “accidentally” run into them and tell them you  can’t wait to have them be a part of the show. Number 4 and 5 are great if there are new kids or those that are looking for a place to fit in. Remember how much fun you had being a part of choir? Let them catch your enthusiasm.

There you have it. Five fresh tips for recruiting for your musical and getting the word out. Good luck and let me know which ones work best for you!

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