5 Tips for Audition Day


January 16, 2016 by morningcamequickly

Part 6

The day has come….audition day. You are all set and you have lots of kids signed up to audition since you got the word out. You even have a few unexpected students signed up so you are eager to get things going. So, here you go. Here are 5 tips to make your audition day successful.

  1. Gather everyone together before auditions start. This is the time to go over the game plan for the afternoon. Let them know the order of events and what is expected of them. Even though you already conveyed this in your audition packet, it’s good to do this again because now they have the jitters.
  2. Record the auditions. You might think you have a pretty good idea of who would do well in a certain role, but I’m telling you, there are going to be surprises. You will thank yourself for recording auditions and being able to go back through and view them again.
  3. Give everyone a fair chance. Allow everyone to do their full audition. Be consistent with what you expect everyone to do.
  4. Smile. Nothing eases the nerves more than a friendly smile. Remember, your students have worked up the courage to perform for you!
  5. Give them a treat. Who doesn’t like a lollipop or a coupon after a good job? Have a basket with a treat in it for them to pick out as they walk out the door.

I find these 5 things help students through the audition process. When you gather everyone together, it gives them a chance to calm down. It lets them know that you are in charge, you’ve got a plan, and you are ready for them. I also record the auditions because my team doesn’t know all the students and it helps to flip back through them. I also tell the students that I watch them on Friday night and eat some popcorn!

Think about when you go for a job interview or a big meeting. If someone smiles at you and makes you feel welcome, doesn’t that change the whole atmosphere? Remember that the students auditioning for you are just kids! They have a lot riding on this  personally, socially, and quite frankly this could make or break their week.

I always give myself a pat on the back for a good concert by going to McDonald’s on my way home and getting an ice cream cone. I’ve done a lot of concerts in the past 15 years and eaten a lot of ice cream cones. A small treat for your students will quench the dry throat and make them smile as they go out. If you want something healthy, bananas are cheap and you can tell them what an “a-peeling” job they did for their audition. (I did that for a class once and they ate all the bananas!)

There you have it. Go have a successful audition day. Next up,  how to the make the decision when casting your show!


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