1 Samuel 17 – God Prepared David Checklist

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August 18, 2015 by morningcamequickly

David and Goliath Craft1 Samuel 17 has the story of David and Goliath in it. Many of your kids have probably heard the story before. There’s a young boy who takes down a big giant with a sling and stones. But, have you ever shared how David was able to do that? He was prepared. He was prepared by the greatest teacher – God.

So, here is an easy craft, with a little coloring, cutting and gluing. It’s a great checklist to show some of the things God did to prepare David for battle with Goliath. Did David know that protecting sheep, killing lions and bears, and even learning how to use a sling would help him one day? Probably not. He was doing his job the best he could and had to learn how to survive.

David and Goliath 2For this craft you will need:

Have the kids color in the checkmarks, then they can cut across the line, cut the checks out and glue them into place. If you have young ones, either have an older helper or they can just cut the squares and glue them on.

So, this is a good reminder to kids that as they face things and learn how to do things, that God is preparing them for something in their future to help them through! Have fun teaching!


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