Genesis 6:8 Noah and the Flood

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July 7, 2015 by morningcamequickly


Today’s craft finds us in the story of Noah. I decided to do the end, when Noah’s ark is on Mt. Ararat and the water is receding. Genesis 6:8 says, “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” Isn’t God’s grace awesome? He gave Noah and his family safety during the flood and then landed them in a safe place. His grace saw them through.

This craft uses a few more supplies than usual, but it is always good to mix things up so the kids don’t get bored doing the same thing every week. Use what you have on hand. This is why I make my own crafts. All the stock lessons seem to come with a coloring page or a word search. Boring and not always age appropriate. Or they use too many expensive supplies and you know these things end up in the garbage. Cutting, having moving parts, a little painting, and using different textures together keep it interesting for the kids.

Things you will need for this craft:20150705_065201

  • one boat/verse square per child Genesis 6 8
  • crayons, glue, tape, scissors
  • one blue piece of construction paper per child
  • one coffee filter per child (I had brown on hand, but white will work too)20150705_065259
  • one mountain support (I cut a cereal box on the spine and then folded the edges)
  • blue crepe paper/tissue paper/ extra paper to add to water

To put this together: tape the box down, glue the coffee filter to the mountain, color the ark, cut out the ark and verse, fold the ark on the dotted lines, glue the ark and verse on, add water.

This is pretty simple and the kids can always personalize it. Maybe some will want to add some grass or flowers on the filter. Others may want to just draw on waves. Either way, remind your students that God’s goodness and grace is there for them. He will see them through.


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