Genesis 3:24 Banished from the Garden

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June 30, 2015 by morningcamequickly

Genesis 3-24 aGenesis 3:24 has God banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He puts the angel outside, guarding it with a flaming sword. Now that is a sign to stay out! This craft gives kids the opportunity to create their own Garden of Eden and then the moving sword finishes it off.

The bad news is, that Adam and Eve’s act separated us from God. The good news is, is that Jesus came to earth to bridge that gap. And so if the angel with the sword  seems scary to kids, they need to be reminded that our actions have consequences. However, God loves us so much, He sent his son so we could ask for forgiveness. And God’s grace is so powerful!

For this craft you need: Genesis 3-24One copy of this paper per child Genesis 3-24

  • crayons
  • scissors and glue
  • flower/veggie pictures (I used spring catalogs)
  • one brad to poke through for the sword per child

Have the kids color the sword and angel, then cut down the dotted line and cut out the sword. Glue some pictures around the angel to represent the garden and poke through the sword and paper to put the sword in the angel’s hands.

Let the kids be creative with their gardens and maybe have them move the sword back and forth while speaking in a Godly voice about why they can’t go into the Garden of Eden.

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