Genesis 3:21-A Tunic to Help Tell the Story

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June 23, 2015 by morningcamequickly

 Trust me, I know this does not look like much!

Genesis 3_21However, in an effort to make a story that some kids have heard many times, new and meaningful, I made up some plastic tunics. In lieu of using animal skin, I used plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree. My pieces were leftover from another project.

I just used 4 pieces of tape to tape together at the neck and under the arms. If they hadn’t already been cut into pieces, I think I would have just cut a head hole and then used some twine as a belt. That would have been easier than tape. But, I’m using up and clearing out what is available in my house! And, I’m not making a trip to the store!

Genesis 3:21 is where God makes them clothes and using these will be like putting the kids in the story. They can pretend that they ate from the Tree of Knowledge and that they are “naked” in their clothes and then as you read the story further where God clothes them, you can pause and put on their new clothes.

Obviously God loves us so much that he cared to cover Adam and Eve. That simple act there is an act of love and grace, even though they had sinned. So, this simple covering here is a visual reminder of God’s love and grace that he has for us still today. Remind the kids that God loves them!


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