Genesis 3:6 The Tree of Knowledge

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June 2, 2015 by morningcamequickly

The story of Eve eating the fruit and then offering it to Adam is timeless. There is nothing spectacular or new for this craft. It is a basic reminder of what happened. When you are cycling through lessons and the same story is presented, you need to change the craft in little ways.


I always try to mix up the crafts so it is not always coloring a picture. A lot of canned products come with a coloring page, which is why I started this Craft by Verse section. Kids get tired of just coloring. If you look through the section, you’ll find simple, but fun painting, gluing, cutting, and more crafts. Children ages 4-4th grade can find success with these crafts and putting their own individual mark on them. Remember, let your older kids be helpers with the younger ones as they cut and glue.

When you combine different textures and objects, it can be a lot of fun and will stick with your kids. So today’s craft is so flexible. Use what you have on hand.

For this craft you will need:IMG_4979

  • One copy of the verse paper per child Genesis 3 6b
  • scissors, glue
  • I used scrap foam and crayons for my tree
    • other options: tissue paper, crepe paper, just crayons/markers, construction paper, pipe cleaners rolled up, pom-poms, real grass or twigs
  • and as always, something to cover the table

Let the kids be creative as they put their tree together. We don’t know if it was really an apple, so their fruit doesn’t have to be red. The tree was beautiful and enticing and each child’s individual tree will reflect that. Have fun!


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